Over 2 years of funding the future and providing access to quality education

To the hundreds of people that took the time to congratulate me on my second year work anniversary, thank you so much it is such encouragement that makes the journey all the more enjoyable and manageable. A special thank you is due to the schools and universities that have believed in the vision of Educate and partnered with us on this journey to positively transform access to education through collaboration. We have managed to keep a number of kids in school and also give access to valuable career altering information.

But coming closer to home your support has helped me in a way you can only imagine. My son is able to go to a good pre-school because you have helped me create stability in my family’s income and also create more jobs which means more smiles at the end of each month. My son is accessing better quality education and his sister’s future also looks bright as Educate continues to grow.aaeaaqaaaaaaaahjaaaajdizndqwotvjltfkodytndvhmc1injnkltc2ndiyztnlmdexoa-1

In the two year journey they have been moments I questioned the effectiveness of our approach to financing education. The question “Are we really helping our people?” crossed my mind a couple of times. I thank God for some of the best clients a company could ask for; they have constantly kept us in check and given us feedback. This has helped us continuously adapt our offering because the process was and is driven by the people making use of our services.

My team has often labeled me over critical of myself and how effective we are. I just took it as if they were just too polite for their own good until I received feedback from a student we helped get into Stenden South Africa. Ruvimbo is an amazing individual and when she came by our office for the first time I knew she was a winner. She convinced me beyond doubt that we were on the right track when she wrote me an email after we had helped her get into university. This is a snippet of the email she wrote that brought so much joy to the team almost to the point of tears (permission was granted to share this

“I arrived here safely on 31st of January, and I’ve settled in reasonably well. Needless to say, I am loving this place! The atmosphere, the learning, the people, the view! I love it all, and I am so excited to be here.aaeaaqaaaaaaaaegaaaajdywytu1mdmwlwjimgmtndkwni05ntmxltdhnzyzyjk3njk4oq

“I am beyond grateful to you and your team for helping me
out from the very beginning. I appreciate your patience and all your efforts to help me out all the numerous times I came round. May God continue to bless you and see you through all your endeavors.”

She recently paid me a visit at the office during her semester break just to catch up and let me know how things were going. Now how cool is that? I was blown away by the progress she is making and the level at which she is engaged in the campus life. I felt like a match maker that had totally hit a home run.

As I read through the pages of customer feedback collated by my team for me. It really shows two years well spent and real strides towards funding our nation’s future. So here is to two years and counting………………

Thank God for bringing me this far. I look expectantly towards what the future holds for me and Educate.

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