Lessons from my Genius Sister – Love, Work hard, Never Quit & Always Give It A 100

I have had the joy of watching you time and time again outperform all of us academically. I have marveled at the level of focus you have exhibited in everything you put your mind at doing. I have watched with great pain as you have become a hottie and endured the pain of trying to get along with your potential suitors (I’m sure all brothers agree they is no man good enough for their sister) and restrain myself from going Bruce Lee on them.

I must be honest when mom passed I feared you would lose the tenacity and passion to succeed. I thank God, because what I saw was the exact opposite. You upped the ante and put in shifts like your life depended on it. You took on the responsibility of being a mother to the last born in our family and made sure he had someone positive to look up to. It was a bitter sweet moment when you got admitted to the University of Manitoba. Bitter in that Mom would have been so happy and I bet she would have accompanied her little girl (whom she had three sons trying to find) but unfortunately for us had to go and be with the Lord. Sweet in that you once again defied the odds and showed off that mamas little girl could make things happen.

You were part of the motivation to start Educate. I knew if I could be successful in partnering the University of Manitoba I could really make life manageable for Dad and probably many other Zimbabweans. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to accomplish that mission during your time and that is a failure I must live with and a pain that I hope I will resolve for other students in the near future. Giving up is not an option.

Your education was worth Dad selling his house and I had the joy of watching you become a mature woman through this challenging process. I was impressed by the hustler in you getting odd jobs to help with your expenses and not forgetting to make sure you kept Dad’s wardrobe in the 21st century. You braved the challenges life threw at you and the fact that you managed to get to your graduation year is a miracle. Getting there and achieving straight As from the first exam you wrote in 2011 to the last in 2016 that is just showing off.

Paidamoyo wadadisa mwana wamai. Zveshuwa ndiwe wanga uripa moyo waMai. We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what the next stage has in store for you.

This is my sister in whom I am well pleased.


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